Think you know what a great burger tastes like? Think again.

The Legend of Smoke.

Necessity is the mother of invention.

How does a locally renowned barbecue company cater a hamburger and hot dog picnic for 350 guests? If you are Old Carolina Barbecue Company and it's your first time catering such a menu for so many people, you fire up your trusted hickory wood-burning smokers. 

Old Carolina's co-founders - two high school buddies turned award-winning barbecue competitors - never doubted the effect hickory smoke would have Angus beef. Still, claims by many at the picnic that the burger was the "best ever" were followed by demands to add it to the Carolina-inspired barbecue joint menu. 

The two foodies had other ideas. They set out on one great road trip across the USA with endless eating opportunities. They conspired to bring regional flavors from all areas of the country to pile on smoked patties and butter-toasted buns. They returned home, ready to break their friends and family out of burger boredom. Smoke the Burger Joint was born. 

Quality and ingenuity have always been central to the way things are done at Smoke. We are committed to creating an unbelievable menu of recipes inspired by the great USA that is constantly evolving. What doesn't change? Smoke patties are always fresh, never frozen and smoked over real hickory wood. 

Brought to You by the Foodies at Ichor Restaurant Group

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