Once I start this journey what are the estimated expenses to open a Smoke the Burger Joint?


  Initial Franchise Fee   $  30,000     -     $  30,000
  Training Expenses   $    2,500       $    5,000
  Real Estate (Initial lease deposit)   $    1,800      $   7,500
  Build-out Costs   $  77,000     $360,000
  Fixtures, Furnishings and Equipment   $  80,000     $135,000
  Opening Inventory   $   5,500     $    8,000
  Insurance   $   3,000     $    6,000
  Deposits, License Fees, Prepaid Expenses, Utilities   $   4,500     $    9,000
  Liquor License/Beer and Wine   $   1,500     $  35,000
  Pre-opening Expenses   $   3,000     $    6,000
  G & A Expenses, Signage   $   8,000     $  25,000
  Professional Service Expense   $   1,000     $    3,000
  Additional Funds (for 3 months of operations    $15,000    -    $ 25,000
  Estimated Total Ranges from   $232,800   -   $654,500


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