With great flavor comes great responsibility.

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Legend has it that it was two brothers from Akron, Ohio who created the hamburger back in 1885. On the final day of the New York State Fair in Hamburg, NY, Akron natives Frank and Charles Menches ran out of pork for the sandwiches they were vending from their concession booth. Thankfully, the pair found some ground beef, as well as a myriad of other ingredients, to create one of America’s most iconic foods – the hamburger. More than 125 years later, this all-American sandwich is honored in Akron, Ohio during the National Hamburger Festival. 


Smoke WebBurgers 250px3       For our very first competition, we wanted to
enter a burger that had big flavor. In our 
early visits to Texas, our taste buds had 
been walloped with a smoked pickled 
jalapeño relish and outright smacked with 
a jalapeño bacon.  We added the fried 
jalapeños and a slice of cheddar and knew 
this burger was destined to be a winner!  
After earning our first trophy, we decided 
to retire the Texas Triple Jay from 
competition and vowed to create new burgers 
for the National Hamburger Festival every year.
Smoke WebBurgers 250px2   For our sophomore trip to the National 
Hamburger Festival, we needed to prove that 
Smoke the Burger Joint was not a “one hit 
wonder.” We entered a burger with over-the-top 
flavor inspired by America’s over-the-top city, 
Las Vegas! Our Dirty Vegas is the burger you 
want to wash away a night of sins on the Strip. 
It was an instant hit with the judges and our 
ever-growing fan base. If a fried egg on a
burger wasn’t a thing yet, it quickly became 
Smoke WebBurgers 250px   There is a city in northern California where the
sweet smell of fresh garlic wafts in the late
summer afternoon breezes. The picturesque town
of Gilroy also hosts an annual Garlic Festival and
is known as the Garlic Capital of the United States.
This is where we drew our inspiration for our 2015
National Hamburger Festival entry. We created our
very own five-cheese garlicy spread to complement
our smoky Angus beef, some beer-braised onions
with bacon and a housemade basil-pesto mayo. As
decadent as this burger sounds, you can tell your
significant other that regular garlic consumption is
claimed to reduce cholesterol and reduce blood pressure.
You are welcome!
Smoke WebBurgers 250px4    After three years atop the Creative Beef category 
at the National Hamburger Festival, our 2016 entry 
took a stab at feeding our vegetarian friends. With 
our competition barbecue origins and ever growing 
meat-loving fan-base, we had been building a surprise
reputation in our restaurants with a housemade veggie 
patty.  No surprise to our team, mind you. When you 
know flavor like we do and use quality ingredients,
you can top almost anything and make it a winner!  
Still, we suggest you try this burger with bacon. 
Smoke WebBurgers 250px5